PMSIO Assembly Instructions
PCB's come ready to use, you just need to solder the loose wires at both ends of the cable to the PCB's 13 holes. Just solder both ends of each colored wire to the same hole (i.e. 1-1 .... 13-13) on both PCBs. You will also need to secure the cable to the PCBs using 2 supplied zip-ties via two elongated holes at the bottom of each PCB.

 If you only want to use original Atari peripherals with this cable, you only need to connect 5 of the available 13 wires as follows, color of the wires used doesn't really matter, colors chosen below are the popular colors used by the original SIO cables, they are for reference only. Unused wires can be cut off to avoid clutter.

SIO 3 -- RXD (Orange)
SIO 4 -- GND (Black)
SIO 5 -- TXD (Dark Green)
SIO 7 -- CMD (Purple)
SIO 10 -- 5V POWER/READY (Dark Blue)