To make disk images with AtariMax ProSystem

1.       Download ProSystem Trial Version zip archive and extract it to a folder.

2.       Make sure your 1050 is configured as D1:, and there is no SIO cable plugged to it.

3.       Connect the SIO2PC/10502PC Dual-USB’s USB end to one of your USB connectors on your PC

4.       If the drivers for the SIO2PC are not installed, you’ll need to install them now (you can find the drivers and installation guides here )

5.       After the drivers are installed, start  the device manager and expand the PORTS section to find out which COM port is assigned to the SIO2PC/10502PC Dual-VCP, you need to use this port (COM1 – COM9) with ProSystem.

6.       Plug the SIO2PC/10502PC Dual-USB device to one of the SIO ports on your 1050 and turn the drive ON.

7.       Run ProSystem and go to menu item File/ProSystem Serial Port and select the correct COM port.

8.       Wait until ProSystem scans the port(s) and finds the 1050. If the scan fails, and no drive is found, make sure the drive is turned ON, and disconnect the USB cable from the PC’s USB port, wait a few seconds, re-insert it, wait a few seconds, and rescan the bus using menu item Drive Control/Rescan Bus.

If you ever have connection problems the above is the procedure you have to follow to reset the device.

9.       When the drive is detected, the first drive icon on the ProSystem window will be highlighted while others will be dim.

10.   You can then experiment with other Drive Control menu options, or you can directly start copying a floppy disk into a disk image.

11.   For unprotected disks select menu item ATR Functions, for protected ones select PRO Functions

12.   You can create an ATR from a real disk, and you can write an ATR back to a real disk, you can create a PRO disk image from a protected disk, but you cannot write a PRO_tected disk image back to a real disk.


That’s basically all there is to it,  good luck and have fun.