• Poor Man's SIO cable test using an Atari 130XE and a 1050 drive.

    I charge a fixed shipping and handling fee regardless of the destination and depending on the number of units ordered. If you're buying more than three cables you will receive more than one parcel, each parcel will contain up to three cables. If you want all cables shipped together in one parcel contact me beforehand.

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    Please select quantities according to your shipping location. North America and Intl. price differences are due to higher shipping rates to Intl. destinations. The base shipping fee is $6 for all destinations.

    ASSEMBLED version uses only SIO 3,4,5,7 and 10 wires, which are the SIO wires required by Atari peripherals. You can either cut the unused wires off, or solder them to the PCBs yourself.

    KIT version comes with PCBs fully assembled and an approximately 3' long real SIO cable. You will have to solder wires of the cable to the PCB yourself. You can read assembly instructions here.


    As each cable is assembled to order there is a changing lead time (depending on my work volume) from the date of order to the date of shipment.


    Purchasers from Germany  please read this customs related information before ordering. If you have customs related requests please provide a note when you pay with PayPal. Note that, any purchase from North America, valued over 45 Euros will be held by German customs for inspection and customs duties. This means your delivery time will be longer than anticipated.

    Each cable carries a 1 year warranty
    against defects and workmanship. No other warranty is implied or included. You understand that this is a substitute product for an original SIO cable and you may need to adjust SIO connector pins if they are not properly aligned or bent. Please contact me first before returning the cable, unauthorized returns will not be processed and you will be charged a shipping fee for the cable to be returned back to you.