• SIO2PC/10502PC Dual-USB v3.3 running a speed test session using AspeQt peripheral emulator and copying a SD disk from a MegaSpeedy upgraded drive to a disk image to be stored on the PC using Prosystem software from Atarimax.

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    I charge a fixed shipping and handling fee regardless of the destination and depending on the number of units ordered. If you're buying more than three interfaces you will receive more than one parcel, each parcel will contain up to three devices. If you want all devices shipped together in one parcel contact me beforehand.

    Shipping is by regular mail, no tracking. If you want tracking contact me beforehand and I will give you a shipping quote, as shipping with tracking is quite a bit more expensive..

    Shipping and Handling fee includes:  Actual postage, shipping materials cost, software media cost, Paypal fees, and postal damage self-insurance (If your item arrives in damaged condition please contact me for a replacement - proof of damage will be required, so please keep everything including the packaging exactly as you received it)

    Note that I am not responsible from delays caused by postal/customs services, you may be charged duties on international orders depending on the destination country. You are personally responsible from such import duties and other related fees.

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    OS of the host
    Choosing the correct OS is important, the device will come pre-configured for that OS.
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    Included with the purchase is a mini-DVD with AspeQt v1.01, required drivers, installation/usage and troubleshooting guides, a large Atari Software collection, and a registered copy of the upcoming Atari Librarian for PC (ALibPC) software free with the purchase of a device.

    ALibPC Software is currently in development and will be retroactively available to all purchasers when it is released, and you will receive a personal copy. Updates will also be free of charge.

    As each device is assembled to order there is a changing lead time (depending on my work volume) from the date of order to the date of shipment.


    Purchasers from Germany  please read this customs related information before ordering. If you have customs related requests please provide a note when you pay with PayPal. Note that, any purchase from North America, valued over 45 Euros will be held by German customs for inspection and customs duties. This means your delivery time will be longer than anticipated.

    Each device (except Kits) carries a 1 year warranty
    against defects and workmanship. Kits are only warranted against DOA (dead on arrival). Warranty is void if the device is modified or tempered with or otherwise abused. Please contact me first before returning the device, unauthorized returns will not be processed and you will be charged a shipping fee for the device to be returned back to you.

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