• AspeQt - A8W Edition

    AspeQt is a cross-platform Atari 8-bit serial peripheral emulator. The name is an acronym for Atari serial peripheral emulator for Qt, Qt being the cross-platform application development framework used by AspeQt. AspeQt emulates various Atari 8-bit peripherals like disk drives, tape drives and printers via a wired or wireless SIO2PC device. AspeQt is easy to use and has many features that you may find useful, the highlights being:

  • Available for Windows (10/8/7/Vista and XP) and Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Language localization
  • 14 emulated disk drives
  • Ability to use PC Folders as emulated Atari disks
  • Ability to boot your Atari from PC folders
  • High speed operation
  • Disk Image Explorer
  • Ability to run Atari executables
  • Printer emulation
  • Casette Image playback
  • Ability to save and restore AspeQt sessions
  • AspeCl, an Atari 8 bit client component for AspeQt allows the user to perform many remote operations directly from an Atari 8 bit computer.
  • Online, multi-language documentation
  • Normal and Mini UI modes. Normal Mode can display either full (14 disk slots) or half screen (the first 7 disk slots). Mini mode occupies even less screen space by only displaying a single disk slot (D1:). The mini screen can also be made semi-transparent so that it does not completely block the background.  And much more...
  • Forks and other variants
    I have no affiliation with other forks, derivatives, branches etc. of AspeQt. Atari8Warez versions are the only versions I support.