• AspeQt - A8W Edition

    AspeQt is a cross-platform Atari 8-bit serial peripheral emulator. The name is an acronym for Atari serial peripheral emulator for Qt, Qt being the cross-platform application development framework used by AspeQt. AspeQt emulates various Atari 8-bit peripherals like disk drives, tape drives and printers via a wired or wireless SIO2PC device. AspeQt is easy to use and has many features that you may find useful, the highlights being:

  • Available for Windows (10/8/7/Vista and XP) and Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Language localization
  • 14 emulated disk drives
  • Ability to use PC Folders as emulated Atari disks
  • Ability to boot your Atari from PC folders
  • High speed operation
  • Disk Image Explorer
  • Ability to run Atari executables
  • Printer emulation
  • Casette Image playback
  • Ability to save and restore AspeQt sessions
  • AspeCl, an Atari 8 bit client component for AspeQt allows the user to perform many remote operations directly from an Atari 8 bit computer.
  • Online, multi-language documentation
  • Normal and Mini UI modes. Normal Mode can display either full (14 disk slots) or half screen (the first 7 disk slots). Mini mode occupies even less screen space by only displaying a single disk slot (D1:). The mini screen can also be made semi-transparent so that it does not completely block the background.  And much more...
  • Forks and other variants
    I have no affiliation with other forks, derivatives, branches etc. of AspeQt. The Atari8Warez version based on the original AspeQT, including my changes from version 0.7 to 1.0 is the only version I support.
  • How to obtain a copy of AspeQt and get support and feature request privileges
    When you purchase an SIO2PC device from me, you may automatically get the latest version of AspeQt via a mini DVD.  If your purchase did not include a DVD or you later want the latest version of the software, a download link is provided on this page. Please note that the downloads are for my customers/supporters only, by downloading the software on this page you are confirming that you are a customer, to get support, you need to prove your status by registering with the support forums supplying your name and your lastname. After you validate your account I will raise your access level to Supporter/Customer and you will be able to get lifetime technical support, and be able to request/discuss new features.

    If your are not a customer but decide to encourage me for further development and want personal attention when support/upgrade is needed, you could make a one time donation and that will get you full access to the support forums at Supporter/Customer level, as well as access to all software released by me, including the ones that are only available to Customers.